What is Missional Activity?

Our home church is not yet ten years old and we are, already, the fifth missionary family to be sent out into the world to make disciples or plant churches. (What a legacy for Redeemer Church in Bellingham!) In addition to Redeemer Church we have groups and individuals around the country, and even the world, praying and giving so that we can arrive in Moldova September 2017. And we welcome you to join this support team! Engage the lost people of Moldova along side us. Help see healthy, gospel centered churches planted. Help see lives changed and families transformed by the love of Jesus. Be a part of expanding God’s Kingdom to the end’s of the Earth.


Perhaps you are excited about this mission and ready to give financially. Please do! We cannot do this ministry without finances. We need faithful annual and monthly giving to sustain our ministry. Give Now under the worker column, tax-free on World Team’s website.

Maybe, though, you look at your budget and it is simply not possible at this time. Or you are giving to other great causes in the world and it would be a challenge to add one more. That’s okay! There are lots of other ways you can support us or other missionaries endeavoring to get to the mission field.

1. Pray: I am not being trite. We say it a lot, “Pray for Us.” It is not just a way to make us look more spiritual. We need your prayer! Our lives are upside down as we are raising partners. Now more than ever we feel like we are relying on God. Every idol we have battled is rearing its ugly head in a real way: control, envy, guilt and approval. So, if you are praying for us, please let us know. Send us notes, texts, letters etc. Better yet, pray with us. Call us, Skype us or come on over. We can pray together.

2. Advocate: The more people, groups and churches we can share our mission and vision with, the more opportunities people have to join our finances

 team. Gather your neighbors, small group, or bridge club together and invite us over to share. Introduce us to your uncle or florist who happens to love Eastern Europe and can say five things in Russian. And we would be honored and blessed to be brought in front of your church or mission committee to share our love for Moldova. Casual or official, it always brings us great joy to talk about God’s Kingdom work in the world.

3. Host: If you have a desire to advocate on our behalf, but live far away from Bellingham, we would still love to come. Please host one or all of us for a few days and help us make connections in your area.

4. Miles: Do you have airline miles you may never use? As we hope to begin travelling around the country and sharing more about Moldova, these would be a huge blessing!

5. Babysit: Sasha is working full-time as we raise our support team. We need time to study, make phone calls, write emails, meet potential partners and even write blogs. We also just need a break sometimes. Hang with our amazing kiddo for an hour or two while we get just a little bit more done a little bit faster.

6. Time: We have various projects that will need to get done along the way. Sometimes it is stuffing envelopes. It may be a garage sale and sorting through items in the future, shopping for things needed in Moldova or cleaning up our rental home when we move. Your time is a gift and is precious to us.

7. Talent: We know a lot of amazing people and have probably only experienced about 10% of their talents. We would love to hear about yours. Can you write or take awesome photos? We would love to keep our blog and website an interesting and informative place. Videographer? We are praying about making some videos soon. Maybe you are just an excellent driver and don’t mind taking us to the airport. Whatever the talent, I am sure in some way it can help us get to Moldova.

So many of you are using your talents, time, and resources to grow God’s Kingdom. Please pray about using these gifts to grow God’s Kingdom in Moldova.


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