At Ash Wednesday service, our church leaders suggested we fast something for the Lenten season. Not something that simply shows how disciplined we are, or to prove that we love God because we are willing to give up something we truly enjoy. No, the goal is to fast something and replace it with more God. So, I wrote down on my paper that I would fast television during nap times. I traded that paper with a little paper saying, “God” to represent the exchange of giving up something for more God. This was not done easily. The truth is, I love television. That hour of sitting and getting lost in someone else’s world and problems feels so refreshing.

It has been nearly month and I feel incredibly blessed to say that I do feel like I am getting more God. There are days that I put Adela down and head for a nap myself, or do some much needed laundry. Most days, however, I put on a sermon podcast while I do some chores. Or I sit and pray. Or meditate on some of the scripture I read in the morning. I even joined a book study at my church about parenting and feel like I have ample time to read it and enjoy it.

This has been such an encouraging month full of grace and peace in the Gospel. I want to encourage you in this too. Is there something simple you can pass up to get more of God? An extra twenty minutes of sleep? Or you could turn the radio off for one of your commutes and pray instead. Could you fast reading the news to read more Bible? Whatever it is, you will not regret it.