The Joy Of Support Raising

Support raising is a huge barrier for many people getting started in missions or a donor based ministry. We have to admit it is something we have been apprehensive about, for years, as a family. And I, Sara, studying missions at University, remember thinking, “I want to do missions, but I don’t want to raise funds.” We are now two months into the support raising journey and we simply wouldn’t have it any other way. As we have met with old friends and new we are beginning to delight in this season! And through this process we are learning to trust God more. Here is the outlook we are adopting  as we create a support team.

1. God is in Control: This is true for all of life. But we certainly need to remind ourselves of this every day, especially in this season. We know God has planned who can give, who can pray and who can connect us with others. It is amazing to see the people He is bringing into our lives and the people He is returning. He has everything ordained.

2. People aren’t pocketbooks: When a person is support raising, it is easy to see every friend, family member or new acquaintance as a potential check. This is wrong thinking. Our friends are our friends whether they give or don’t give, pray or don’t pray. This has given us such freedom as we are meeting with people, sharing our mission and vision. People are meeting our daughter Adela for the first time and enjoying her high energy and friendly attitude. We are hearing stories of ministries growing and blessed. We had a meeting with our friend who is a church planter and were stunned and encouraged by his testimony of God helping him plant a church. We are praying with people. As we asked one couple how we could pray for them, they were taken aback. “We haven’t been asked that in a long time.” What a joy to pray together in that moment. And I cannot even begin to explain how familiar it felt to sit around the breakfast table with college friends and catch up on life even while kids are running around. These dinners, coffee meetings and Skype conversations are fun, encouraging and a blessing in our lives.

3. The gospel is shared: We love Jesus. There is nothing more that we would rather talk about then God and his plan of salvation for the world. When we have an opportunity to share with people about our mission and vision, we get to share the gospel. We have the chance to talk each time about how we pray our church plant will be constantly sharing about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. We share that we want Moldovans to know that Jesus’ perfect life is imparted to us when we believe and we cannot do anything to earn God’s love, salvation or favor. We have safety and time in Jesus and hope for the future.

4. A global perspective is shared: God loves the nations. Let’s be honest, living in the United States it is easy to become insular and materialistic. It is not always that we don’t care about the poor, the lost or the marginalized; it is just that when we don’t see or hear about them, we forget they are there. Talking about the need in Moldova gets people looking outside of themselves and their immediate issues and has them consider the plight of others in the world. Whether a person chooses to invest in our ministry in Moldova or is moved by another story, they are still learning to have a compassionate heart, just like Jesus.

As we are raising support we are growing. We now see this as a chance to glorify God, bless others and invite people to be a part of God’s Kingdom work in the world. 

Partner with us now at https://us.worldteam.org/give/ and filling out the information under the worker column.

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