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Anyone, including you, can partner with us in this work.


Nothing happens in the field without the prayer of God’s people, asking for God to glorify himself among the people, including you who pray! Please join us in this labor.


We’re glad for the partnership and heart connection that support raising offers ourselves, and the church. We pray where we’re invested. We love where we give.  Please consider giving sacrificially to the work of the Gospel in Moldova.


We are working as a team, two families from Redeemer NW as church planters in Moldova. We are eager to have more of you join us in the work. Contact us today if you are interested.

We need $6000 every month in support.

 This includes ministry funds, health insurance, & much more.


 We’re praying for:

-100 people who give $50 per month


-50 people who give $100 per month


-25 people who give $250 per month


Consider giving sacrificially, and/or helping us find partners in the church body.
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Keep up to date with our prayer needs, for ourselves, for our friends and neighbors, for those we are ministering to.

Kingdom work is closet work. God glorifies himself as we see him do what we ourselves cannot, but can only ask. Please consider praying sacrificially for the light of the Gospel to penetrate in the hearts and minds of those who are in darkness.

Consider long-term work in Moldova

Do what you do at home.

Worship. Serve. Share. Work. Relate. Build. Rest.

But in a place where the integrity of community is desperate for ordinary people transformed by the Gospel.


Contact us today if you would consider living in Moldova for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our current financial support, on the field.

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