Meet Our Family

 We met in Moldova in 2008

Sasha was born and raised in Moldova and Sara was living in the country as a missionary. We married each other in the United States in June of 2010. We are delighted to announce six wonderful years of marriage and ministry together so far and are committed to many, many more.
Our daughter Adela was born September of 2014.

We arrived in Moldova in 2017

Sent as church planters by Redeemer Church NW in Bellingham, WA.

We love to spend time as a family:

walking through the neighborhood.

playing the guitar and dancing in the living room.

pressing cider.


playing pickle ball, disc golf and cornhole.

About Sasha

  1. Speaks Romanian, English, and Russian
  2. Music ministry leader and teacher
  3. Gospel Community Leader
  4. 10+ years studying classical music
  5. Washington State Foster Parent
  6. Porterbrook Church Planters Training
  7. Organized and planned short-term missions
  8. Over ten years working with boys from the most vulnerable places in Moldova.
  9. Completed EQUIP Disciple making course through Reedemer NW Church

About Sara

  1. Speaks English, Romanian, Russian and German
  2. BA in Intercultural Studies
  3. 3 years as a youth pastor
  4. Washington State Foster Parent
  5. Porterbrook Church Planters Training
  6. Completed Sonlife LIVE2.6 Disciple-making course
  7. 2-year Internship in Moldova working with youth and survivors of human trafficking

About Adela

  1. Speaks English, Romanian
  2. Outgoing and friendly
  3. Loves Moldovan soup
  4. Loves to pray
  5. Loves to run!
  6. Favorite Bible story is the man at the Siloam Pool
  7. Tries on every pair of every visitors shoes at our home