Fully Funded

Our family’s prayer and current slogan is “Fully Funded By July.” Why? We would like to attend pre-field training July 19th in North Carolina, visit our mission organization World Team and leave for Moldova in the beginning of September.

As of January 24, 2017…we are at 20% of our monthly ongoing commitment goals. (Hooray and Praise God.)

So…here is a little bit more information about all of this. FAQs if you will.

How much does your family need to sustain life and ministry each month?

World Team requires us to raise $6000 each month in ongoing giving. This number includes ministry funds, health insurance and much more.

What type of pre-field training do you need?

All World Team missionaries attend Intercultural Communications School in North Carolina for a month. This helps us relate well to our team, work in groups and live and work across cultures long-term.

Why do you need to visit World Team headquarters again?

World Team likes to send their missionaries out to the field well. There is paperwork to do, training on proper finance documentation and of course, lots of prayer.

What’s the hurry? Why so soon?

The only thing holding us back from relocated to Moldova and joining our church planting team is a solid support team. Other missionaries and ministry partners are waiting for us to arrive so we can jump into the work of church planting and training alongside of them.

What if you don’t raise your support by July?

We will try for the pre-field training that happens in the Fall of 2017 and our leave date will be pushed back. We are hoping this simply doesn’t happen as the work is beginning in Moldova and our role there as cultural experts is essential.

How can I help?

We would love to invite you to be part of our support team. Our prayer specifically is for people who will give on a monthly basis. We have supporters giving sacrificially from $10 each month to even $200 or more. Each family can pray and decide how they support. Visit https://us.worldteam.org/give/ and fill out the worker column. You can use our name or our account # 014012. 

What else can I do to help?

Glad you asked! We would love to be connected to even more people we can share with and the connection is you! Can we talk to your church’s mission committee? Can we share at a small group or Bible study? Does your cousin love missions and be interested in our site? We appreciate you taking the time.

And you can pray!!! Our ministry in Moldova is Kingdom work that needs to be done by God’s family together. You are essential to seeing Gospel centered, disciplemaking churches planted in Moldova. Thank you!

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