A Gift Remembered

In Moldova we will be church planters by catalyzing a team of Moldovan Christians to inhabit a single neighborhood and introduce our new neighbors to Jesus. As this neighborhood grows with believers, we hope to multiply to a new community, spreading the Gospel and making disciples that make disciples. 

To see our vision a reality, we will need to be about missional activity in whichever part of Chisinau the Holy Spirit calls us too. There are apartment blocks like the one above full of people who have never heard the Gospel covering the city. It is in these neighborhoods that we want to see our vision a reality, so we will need to be about missional activity.

Missional activity in our small group is more than Bible study and different from a social group. Missional activity is intentional living with believer and non believers with a goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

In order to make disciples through this type of intentional lifestyle it takes:

  • Deep Relationships

  • Radical Generosity

  • Pursuing the Stories of the people in those relationships

  • Sharing our Stories

  • Bringing Jesus into the stories in a relevant way through the leading of the Holy Spirit

This all takes time. It is also how we envision the church in Moldova reaching those who don’t know Christ. You can learn more by watching this video: WHAT IS MISSIONAL ACTIVITY?

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